10 day challenge

15 day challenge

1. introduce yourself
2. explain your current relationship status
3. if you could only have one wish, what would it be?
4. if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
5. the most amazing thing that ever happened to you?
6. your best friend?
7. choose lyrics and explain why do you choose them?
8. if you could change anything about your self, what would it be?
9. someone you look up to?
10. your family?
11. Google the meaning of your name? 
12. a famous person you've been compared to?
13. something that puts a smile on your face no matter what?
14. what are you afraid of?
15. describe where you live?

30 day challenge

1. recent picture of you (with bf/gf)
2. things that you will bring to bed to sleep with
3. where have you been recently
4.what musical instrument can you play? what instrument do you wish you can play?
5. childhood TV programme
6. what do you miss about your childhood?
7. ask your friend to describe you
8. where are you studying? what course?
9. events to do before 2010 ends?
10. what is your 2010 aim? did you achieve it?
11. what movie are you planning to watch? with whom?
12. when you sad,angry,happy, what song do you listen?
14. what sports do you play?
15. what phone, laptop are you using now?
16. do you have anything that you want to change about yourself? you write letters,diary?
18. do you keep your childhood toys? what is it?
19. what was the last thing that you bought?
20. do you have any phobia?
21. what bag do you use at the moment?
22. ask your mum, what type of a kid were you during your childhood time?
23.are you satisfied with your achievement? many siblings do you have?
25. tumblr/blogger/twitter/facebook.which one do you prefer?
26.can u speak different languange?
27.who are the people that you miss at the moment?
28. have you been anywhere with your money?
29. what medium of transportation that you use?
30. notes for yourself